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A cocktail and the sea is all you will need to enjoy the perfect climate in Isla Mujeres with a unique landscape.

Wing Diving Tour

The wing diving tour completely reinvents the way we explore and interact with the ocean and its marine life. It’s the ultimate watersport board that every water junkie needs to experience!

Snorkel Tour

Close to Isla Mujeres is the second largest barrier reef in the world: You will snorkel there, and in the farito, manchones and MUSA (Cancun Underwater Museum)

Fishing Tour

Cancun/Isla Mujeres sport fishing tour days start early, between 7:00am and 9:00am, and wrap up at 4:00pm or earlier if you are happy with the success of the day. In our experience, the best fishing generally occurs first thing in the morning and later in the afternoon.