Types of restaurants in Isla Mujeres

Types of restaurants in Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is an incredibly interesting place, not only because of its beaches and other places to visit but also because of its variety of restaurants and places to eat. Commonly, tourists try to investigate what the types of restaurants in Isla Mujeres are they going to find before they come. If you are a food lover and also are planning to visit this beautiful island then this article may be useful for you, keep reading!

Types of restaurants in Isla Mujeres

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What types of restaurants in Isla Mujeres can be found?

One of the things that make Isla Mujeres really awesome is that you can not get bored when it comes to food; several low-cost streetcars and restaurants serve regional dishes almost at any time, coffee shops, there are also international restaurants, places to have a more sophisticated dinner, and much more, we will explain you more below.

Cheap and delicious restaurants.

A little bit far from downtown, especially where most locals live, heading to the south point of the island, there are small, yet, well know restaurants; some of them sell roasted chicken, some other typical foods from Yucatán and several places serve the traditional dish which is the Tikin Xic Fish.

Also, very close to North Beach you will find lots of seafood restaurants and even closer you will see that there is a dinning place with also options to get a full Mexican meal.

Tikin Xic Isla Mujeres traditional dish

Breakfast places and coffee shops.

Thanks to the international influx on the island and to this trend about relaxing spaces, coffee lovers, and travelers who wake up early to discover everything they can, people started to open delicious but not-so-cheap places where you can take your breakfast or just to have a good cup of coffee and a dessert.

Coffee Shops on Isla Mujeres

International cousins.

Just as we said before, Isla Mujeres has a lot of international influence because of the percentage of people that live there but are actually from other countries so be sure that you are going to find restaurants of Thai Food, sushi places, buffets, and American-like food.

Formal restaurant in Isla Mujeres

Now you can imagine the types of restaurants on Isla Mujeres, and if you are planning to come, don’t forget to visit Skulls Landing Hotel and its restaurant so you can taste some really good steaks.