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Mayan Temazcal

The word Temazcal comes from Nahuatl Temazcalli and means “house where you sweat”, although the Aztecs were the first to practice Temazcal sessions, in Mayan culture kings, athletes, and priests also performed these detoxification ceremonies accompanied by Peyote to increase the experience in the Mayan Temazcal.     For the Maya, it meant a sacred […]

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mexican souvenirs and handicrafts

Mexican souvenirs and handicrafts

Has it ever happened to you that you visit a place and don’t know what to buy as a souvenir? In this article, we will tell you the Mexican souvenirs and handicrafts that you can find in Isla Mujeres, to back home with a little piece of Mexico.   Mexican souvenirs and handicrafts Mexico is […]

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Hot Travel in Isla Mujeres

Would you like to take your year’s vacation to Isla Mujeres?   With Hot Travel and Skulls Landing Hotel, it is possible.   Enjoy the first edition of Hot Travel in Mexico from October 14 to 18. And take a vacation to one of the destinations you must know before you die: Isla Mujeres.   Characterized […]

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Snorkel in Isla Mujeres

Would you like to explore the flora and fauna of the Caribbean Sea? You can’t miss the magnificent opportunity to discover and explore the marine world, doing Snorkel in Isla Mujeres; feel like a fish in the water, swimming among a variety of goldfish, turtles and some starfish that rest on the soft white sand. Snorkeling […]

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An adventurous summer at Skulls Landing Hotel in Isla Mujeres

You are about to live the best summer experience at Skulls Landing in Isla Mujeres Hotels. After several days of work, school and daily activities, it’s right and necessary to take summer vacations in Isla Mujeres to disconnect and relax and what better than choosing the best duo in the Mexican Caribbean:  Skulls Landing Hotel […]

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