mexican souvenirs and handicrafts

Mexican souvenirs and handicrafts

Has it ever happened to you that you visit a place and don’t know what to buy as a souvenir?

In this article, we will tell you the Mexican souvenirs and handicrafts that you can find in Isla Mujeres, to back home with a little piece of Mexico.


mexican souvenirs and handicrafts

Mexican souvenirs and handicrafts

Mexico is a country full of culture and traditions where you can buy more representative souvenirs and handicrafts, than a key ring, a magnet or a postcard.

To take home the best memories of Isla Mujeres and the Mayan culture without spending too much, we will give you some tips below.

Mayan Tissues

The tissues for the Mayan culture were a gift granted to women by Ixchel, the moon goddess.

Mayan tissue designs usually have mystical meanings such as snakes, frogs, diamonds, and flowers.

Huipiles, skirts, girdles, ponchos, hammocks, hanging rugs, tablecloths, quilts, bracelets, and bags are woven with wool or cotton fabrics.


mayan tissues

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Prehispanic works

Pre-Hispanic works are considered as a gift from the Mayan and Aztec gods, with deep meanings. They are an excellent option to decorate your home.

The main handmade works, which you can find in the center of the island are:

  • Ceremonial masks that the Mayan used for their religious dances.
  • Figures carved in wood in the form of animals, saints, and brightly colored toys.
  • Ceramics, to make jugs and decorative vases.


prehispanic works


The hammocks are a representative of the Yucatan Peninsula, made by artisans of the region with cotton threads that provide freshness, softness, and comfort. They are ideal for hot climates and to rest your back. You can find hammocks of different colors for all styles.



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Tequila and Mezcal

They are part of Mexican culture, and traditions to celebrate the festivities and important meetings of Mexicans.
Both are derived from agave, according to their type of distillate is their strong or mild flavor, and is usually accompanied by lemon, orange and worm salt.




Mexican Candies

There is a wide variety of Mexican sweets made by hand, there are various flavors, from spicy, sweet and savory.

For example: cocadas, wafers, tamarinds, ham, chamoy, alegrías, ate, among others.


mexican candies

Mexican Toys

Mexican toys are a representation of Mexico. They are usually made of wood. The best known are The cloth dolls and “Adelitas”, the yo-yo, the wooden horse, the lottery, and maracas.
They are toys that will pass fun moments in both adults and children.


mexican toys

In the center of Isla Mujeres, and on the main avenue down the ferry, you can find shops of local people, you can find all the souvenirs and handicrafts mentioned above.

If after these options you would like to buy some typical souvenirs like key chains or t-shirts, you can visit Mr. Frogs and plaza la fiesta.